Bowen Hampshires




It’s all good in Illinois since our new purchase at the 2018 WPX. Meet Its All Good X Clydesdale -- an exciting addition to a power filled line up of boars that we have.

This boar was the youngest in the class that ranged from November 1 to Dec 5. He comes at you with natural width and goes away just as wide, planting his feet one in front of the other .

This boar has a beautiful profile and will produce gilts that will make you smile. He has great hips and hind legs.  Square across the top.

Great from hock to ground. Check his pedigree and you will find IT IS ALL GOOD.

Bred by Earl Cain of Cain Super Sires!



We are determined to make Hampshires better with each boar that we buy and this guy is no different. Just study his hips, his feet and his center body and make your Hampshires sound with our program. We called Darrell after INSF and ask him if he had any boars that would fit our program and goals.He brought us this guy the had been on regular feed . We agreed to co own him with the Drakes. He has a clean front end and excellent rib shape a natural big top wide toe spread, and is flexible and loose jointed. Thanks again to Darrell and Wade and all the Drakes for allowing us to utilize this guy.

owned with Drake Purebreds



Every picture tells the story and these pictures are the real deal. We purchased this mighty Thunderstruck son from Cain Super Sires. It didn’t take long to call about this guy when his picture came up.

He is THICK, MASSIVE with a ton of RIB. HIS FEET AND BONE ARE UNBELIEVABLE. His TOP IS AS NATURAL AS YOU CAN GET. He will make Hampshires better and will correct any Crossbred he is put upon. It was lightening the night Brent and I picked him up. Brent looked at me and said WE'VE JUST BEEN THUNDERSTRUCK.

Purchased from: Cain Super Sires



Weight: 351 lbs. • 1.03 BF • 10.1 LEA • 1.61 WDA

It was no surprise when the dust had cleared in Belton at the SWTC that this guy was headed to Illinois. He was and is so flexible and comfortable in his skeleton his center rib is so well defined and natural and blends in with his tremendous feet and legs again take a look at the hip and know that what ever you use him on the results will be predictable  and put you in the championship drive a great female and barrow sire. The picture looks exactly like the boar today thanks to Ron for letting us house this fine herd builder.  Semen Available - OWNED WITH RON & MARCIA INVERSON


(JL3 SCORE14-8 X MVLSO 3-1)

2015 Indiana State Fair Purchase
Weight:364 • BF: .80 • LEA: 11.9

Overlooked by all is the only way to describe this boar and after the phone calls we are so happy to own him. When he walked into the Indiana show ring there has not been a more powerful massive boar out in our eyes tall at the point of the shoulders and wide right to the ground. He carries a tremendous rib cage never runs down hill, this boar has huge feet and bone that will give you what Hampshires need -- more width with control of the rear wheels. Better females that is our goal for you!

Purchased from: Cain Super Sires

Point Maker 71-2

(BOLN Point Maker 118-3 x BOLN Real Serious 86-4)
Premier Sire, 2014 Illinois State Fair
His first pigs are outstanding.
We talked to Brent and Mike at the Indiana State Fair and told them what we were looking for and about a week later Mike called and said I should come to High Point to look at the boars .We went to the viewing area and out came this boar with dew claws outside his toes telling me that his genetics would breed on. He is wide from front to back and, like Augusta, he stamps every pig consistently. Every litter is like peas in a pod. WE pictured this boar at home ―while not a professional job― you can see his depth of body and stoutness off skeleton makes raising Hampshires fun. His first crop produced many champions. Some we have posted. He allowed us to win Premier Sire at ILLINOIS ST FAIR again for 2014. As soon as we got to Duncan this year we were stopped and asked if we had brought any Point Maker gilts. He makes them desirable and in demand.

Our Retired Sires



Weight:305 • BF: .56 • LEA: 9.0

We have added another key to unlocking your genetic potential WITH THE LOCKSMITH from Chuck and Ben Olsen. This boar was, to use Kevin Wendt's words to me, probably the most interesting boar at Belton. He was easy to read with a big hip an a cleanHampshire head and he was in his working clothes. This boar has square toes, big feet lots of bone and a great hip and center body that further adds to the power that we offer in Hampshire sires and Females. When we got him home he has gotten more massive and stays up on those feet. Study his pedigree and you will see the great Jane sow line that has made Hampshires productive and fun to raise. Use all of our sires like him and the results will astound you.

Augusta 7-1

(JLM0 Augusta 24-3 x JLM Augusta 18-1)
2014 Reserve Premier Sire - Illinois State Fair,
2014 Reserve Premier Sire - NSR Fall Classic,
and 2013 Premier Sire - Illinois State Fair

All we can say about this guy is Prolific. We bought this boar at the SWTC in March 2012 he placed 3rd in class and while not the biggest boar in the class, he was in our opinion the most stout-made and big-footed hog there. The other thing, and that finished the deal, was when Kevin Wendt said he was a Double bred Augusta and his mother was Augusta 18-1's mother!! Augusta 7-1 is deep-chested, easy moving and clean from the hock to the ground. He will make Hampshires sound and easy feeders with great depth of body and a great hip. JLMO AUGUSTA 24-3 X JLM AUGUSTA18-1. THAT BREEDING IS WHAT HAS MADE HIM STAND OUT. His first year crop of pigs in 2013 earned him Premier sire at Illinois State fair Reserve premier sire 2014 at Illinois state fair and, most recently at the 2014 FALL CLASSIC AT DUNCAN OK HE WAS RESERVE PREMEIR SIRE. Do not over look this tremendous sire.

Speechless 1-6

(GMW2 Speechless 14-6 x HALF0 GRUS Preacher 2-4)
Thanks to Mike Watson for allowing us to purchase
this next generation!

Unable to go to the STC we felt it was import ant to try to find the next generation of boar so I called Mike Watson to get his opinion on the show if he was there  and what was there  He then told me about the show and that he had a boar in it and the rest is history . We purchased this boar sight unseen with the help of Darrell Drake  and Mikes description. He was in the first class out which the champion and reserve came out of. He is big footed flexible with a big fore arm. He comes at you true and goes away the same. Again he too has depth of body to allow you to raise Hampshires with great hips.  His first litters have arrived and they are heavy boned at this early age. All Brent could say to me when he walked off the trailer is, "Dad, you did it again. You should play the lottery!"


2015 Reserve Champion Hampshire Boar, WPX
Weight:340 • BF: .83 • LEA: 9.5 • WDA: 1.66

When I got to the Expo this was the first boar that I saw and knew that he needed to be at our place. He commanded the ring in our eyes and can walk all day with control of his front and rear legs. If you analyze this guy begin at his feet which match the tremendous bone and massive front shoulders and natural width across the top. Match that with his excellent hip structure and you have the boar that can make your Hampshire sows great.

Thanks to the Cain family for bringing him to the show.